Are There Aspects To Your Job That Are Repetitious


Are there aspects to your job that are repetitious When a hiring manager asks you that question, or one similar to it, they are trying to get a feel for you as an employee. Are you going to pipe up right away and start spewing negativity Do you enjoy repetition They are asking this question to see how you react to repetitions activities. Chances are there are going to be a few activities that you have to do daily. They are trying to gauge whether you will be able to efficiently get this work done, or if the repetition will be a problem.


Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, it is important to remember to emphasize a few significant points.

  • When you answer, keep a positive attitude.


  • Talk about ways you alter your repetitive routine to change things up and become more efficient.
  • Discuss ways in which you use technology to help you with repetitive tasks.
  • Go through the steps you take to turn a repetitive, mind-numbing task into a though provoking task.Make sure when you answer that you keep everything positive, and try and talk about traits that make you qualified for the position.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Make sure to avoid talking with a certain attitude and bringing up a bunch of negativity.

  • Do not talk poorly about your past employer, manager or coworkers, even if you felt they added to the monotonous repetition.
  • Try not to dwell on the negative parts of your work.
  • Do not forget to talk about what these repetitive tasks have taught you.
  • Be careful not to mention how repetitive tasks bore you or make you feel like you are not challenged.Keep out the negative attitude, and talk about how repetitive tasks can actually be a learning experience.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a splendid answer to this question:

    Of course there are some repetitious activities associated with my job. However, I do not look at these tasks as repetitions. I try to do things differently every day. I’ve found that not falling into a routine helps me stay more productive and keep my mind more engaged in the task. I also always try to increase my productivity. That means I use technology as best I can to speed up the tasks. This keeps the monotony away, and it helps me be a more productive worker. I don’t let a little thing like repetitiveness get in the way of the enjoyment of my job.

    Showing how you can overcome a challenge like repetition may make the interviewer see just how qualified you are.

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